Welcome to Reefminder Online

If you’re reading this, you’ve most likely downloaded our Reefminder app for iOS (if not, you can by clicking here).

This blog will be managed by real pros doing and sharing real knowledge about real stuff. Don’t worry, it’s not a forum where you’ll be trolled by the Tang police. This is a place for saltwater professionals to nerd out about new trends, findings, and experiments in the hobby.

In the future…

Reefminder will expand to have public accounts so you can share your tanks and aquarium logs with your peers.

So if you’ve already downloaded Reefminder, thank you for your early support. Please give us feedback so we can improve the app. We’re limited the release for the sole purpose of hearing your feedback and catching any bugs early on. But we do intend on expanding to the web and building a social site.

Thank you!